Roof Asset Management

Certified Professional Roof Consultants

Our certified professional roof consultants are here to assist you with all of your commercial roofing needs.

Our consultants offer:

  • Professional roofing and restoration options
  • Customized specifications
  • Inspections and reports
  • Complete roof systems analysis

We offer qualified roof observation for any roof installation to ensure contractors adhere to all roof specifications and codes.

Commercial Maintenance Programs

Protecting Your Valuable Investment

Virtually everything requires some measure of maintenance if it is to provide satisfactory long-term performance. No one would expect a new automobile to provide satisfactory performance without regular maintenance. Planned maintenance of roofing is no different. And really, it’s probably even more important as it protects your entire home or business.

Roof systems, which today are expected to provide key thermal protection as well as waterproofing of the structure, have more than doubled as a percentage of the cost of building construction. Detection of potential problems before major damage has occurred keeps the cost of maintenance at a minimum and extends the useful life of the roof. Most manufacturer’s warranties are not valid without a professional maintenance program in place.

Protective Coatings

When you need to protect your assets

Meyer Roofing knows the value of protecting one’s assets. In fact, we now offer some of the highest quality protective coatings available. Not just for roofing projects, either.

Our services now include protective coatings for all types of applications, from above and below grade waterproofing to primary and secondary containments for chemicals. We can also protect equipment, infrastructure, and tools with long lasting polyurea coatings. Extend the life of your assets for years beyond their normal expectency with our incredibly durable, VOC-free polyurea system.

Specialty Metal Work

Custom Flashing, Caps, and More

Our in-house team of metal fabricators can create any piece of custom metal work needed for your project. Specialized flashing, elaborate chimney caps, parapet caps and transitions — we create them all.

If you have specialized metal work needed, give us a shout and let us show you how easy it can be to work with a truly experienced team.


Repairs on all roof types

With over 30 years of commercial roof experience we are able to perform expert roof repairs on all types of roof systems. From standing seam metal to single-ply systems, no matter who installed your roof, we can fix it.

Our highly trained inspectors locate existing problem areas in your roof system. Then, we work with you to determine the best method for repairing any damage. Sometimes it may be a simple patch, and other times it might require more comprehensive mitigation. In any case, we can handle the repairs from start to finish.

At Meyer Roofing, we’ve got you covered.