Carlisle TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

TPO Single Ply System

Since 1995, TPO roofing systems have fueled nearly all of the growth in single ply roofing. Architects and owners alike have learned of TPO’s superior weatherability and exceptionally reliable heat welded seams. Now with it’s added major price competitiveness versus EPDM rubber, TPO roofing systems are fast becoming the single ply roofing system of choice.

If you’re a facility manager, building owner, architect, or roofing contractor who has experienced the advantages of single ply roofing systems, youl owe it to yourself to consider ever guard thermoplastic roofing systems. These systems include TPO and PVC , which share numerous performance characteristics sought after by today’s demanding architects and property owners.

Heat welded seams are up to 880% stronger.

TPO Benefits

There are two sets of forces constantly working to damage the seams of your roofing system.

Wind Uplift which attempts to peel the seams apart.

Building Movement which attempts to pull the seams apart.

Heat welded seams are simply better, and are widely recognized as being the strongest and safest in the industry.

Heat welded seams are physically fused rather than taped or glued. This results in a single monolithic membrane, rather than multiple layers of membranes and tape. Therefore, it’s like having a single uniform membrane covering your building from one edge of the roof to the other. Clearly, seam strength is the most critical factor in the watertight integrity of the roofing system. That is why the TPO single ply system is as much as 880% stronger.

Simple repairs: reduce life cycle cost

Many people only consider the initial cost of installation when making roof system choices. Repairs and the cost of maintenance can affect your overall roof lifecycle cost?

Leaks in ballasted systems are more expensive to repair than leaks in non ballasted systems, because locating the leaks requires first moving the ballast. Unfortunately, when moving the ballast, other parts of the membrane can be damaged resulting in additional repair costs in the future.

Superior puncture resistance

TPO has superior puncture resistance.

Resistance to puncture is a critical characteristic for single ply roofing systems. Rooftop traffic, HVAC maintenance, exposure to debris and vandalism demand that your roofing systems stand up to all types of physical abuse.

TPO membranes have superior puncture resistance compared to traditional EPDM.

229% better than non reinforced EPDM.
19% better than reinforced EPDM.

TPO membranes are constructed like a sandwich. The top weathering layer of polyester scrim is in the middle to reinforce the bottom layer. Industry experts have long recognized that the weathering layer is critical to the longevity of the roofing system because the weathering layer must withstand the punishing effects of UV rays, rooftop traffic, and physical damage. TPO single ply roofing systems offer up to 62% more protection than EPDM.

So if you’re looking for an economical, durable answer to your low slope roofing needs, TPO single ply roofing systems are your answer.