Protective Coatings

Meyer Roofing & Sheet Metal provides high quality protective coatings for all types of applications. Our industry leading polyurea coating systems extend the usable life of infrastructure, equipment, tools, buildings, and containment areas. Additionally, they protect the environment from spills, leaks, and chemical damage. 

Primary & Secondary Containment

Many businesses need chemical containment. Primary containment (tanks, basins, and storage) can be reinforced through the use of our polyurea protective coating systems.

Spray applied protective polyurea coatings provide rapid return to service, unlike many traditional coating systems. Epoxy, for example, can take up to 3 weeks to fully cure, and even then the temperature and humidity can play a major role in the speed with which they cure. On the other hand, polyurea cures in less than 20 seconds, and so often facilities can be returned to service the very next day.

Also, because of the impervious nature of our polyurea systems, secondary containment can be completely created from pre-sprayed panel systems using polyurea and geotextile fabric.

This type of protection is easily customized to any configuration needed. By using pre-sprayed panels which are seamed together with additional polyurea, entire job site footprints can be protected from leaks, spills, and heavy traffic damage. 

Additionally, these types of installations are actually recyclable. Simply cut apart the panels, roll them up, and transport them to a new site, then install using the same method as before. The level of protection actually increases with each subsequent use, because there is more polyurea sprayed over the new seams, leading to a thicker overall layer of protection.

Full site containment. Geotextile fabric with polyurea coating.

Abrasion Resistance

Another highlight of our polyurea coatings is their ability to resist extreme abrasive conditions. This ability makes them perfect for heavy industrial use.

For example, many mining operations have started coating their equipment with a polyurea protective coating, with great success. Not only does it help with the overall longevity of the equipment, but it also makes clean up and maintenance much easier in general.

Abrasion resistant polyurea coating being applied to dump bed.

Potable Water Coatings

Polyurea protective coatings work for potable water storage applications, as well. Because they are inert, VOC-free, and UV resistant, they are the perfect choice when it comes to storage and transmission of potable water. Again, in contrast to traditional coating systems like epoxies and urethanes, polyurea cures nearly instantly. Therefore, downtimes are greatly reduced, meaning facilities can return to service in hours or days, rather than weeks (or sometimes months!)

For the same reasons that polyurea makes a good potable water coating, it also is an outstanding option for wastewater treatment plants as well. Often other coating types will fail when subjected to extreme UV exposure that is used to sterilize / clean wastewater. However, polyurea doesn’t have that problem — it doesn’t get chalky or flaky when exposed to UV, and thus is a great coating for these type conditions.

NSF / ANSI 61.5 Potable Water Approved polyurea coating.