Roof Asset Management

Certified Professional Roof Consultants

Our certified professional roof consultants are here to assist you with all of your commercial roofing needs.

Our consultants offer:

  • Professional roofing and restoration options
  • Customized specifications
  • Inspections and reports
  • Complete roof systems analysis

We offer qualified roof observation for any roof installation to ensure contractors adhere to all roof specifications and codes.

Standard Services

Our consultants provide the following services for all re-roofing and repair consulting projects:

Roof Evaluation: core cut to determine the overall components of the existing roofing system. These components include the substrate or deck, insulation, penetrations, flashings (parapet wall, curb, gutters, roof-to-wall termination, etc.) and rooftop equipment. We will physically visit the site, and inspect every square foot of the roof system. Then we diagram, measure, and take digital pictures before the project begins.

Write Specifications: we will determine and identify the strengths and weaknesses and individual needs of the existing roofing system and structure. Then, we properly select and specify a roofing system best suited to the needs of the facility and client’s budget. We will also include start and finish dates. These help to ensure the project is completed on time barring weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Acquire Qualified Bids: we will accumulate at least four to six qualified bids from qualified contractors. We utilize a standard criteria based upon years in business, bonding limits, insurance limits, financial stability, qualified applicator status, quality references, affiliations with trade organizations, contractors license, and certificate of insurance. Once we’ve received these bids, we review thoroughly and make a recommendation for your consideration.

During the Project: we will be on site during material delivery to determine proper materials, as specified, are being used and delivered. We’ll maintain good communication with the staff of the facility, realizing that installing a new roof system can be extremely disruptive to residents and staff. Our consultants keep everyone informed of all construction issues, such as schedules, expected noise and equipment movement. Additionally, we’ll take digital pictures during all phases of the project, including tear off. Finally, we regularly visit projects at least twice a week and make sure all specifications are being met. This includes verifying waterproof status.

After the Project: we will make final inspection of all aspects of the project, including cleanup, flashings, filled membrane inspections and manufacturer’s inspection. As one of the final steps, we provide written approval for final payment, and follow-up with digital photos of the installation.