Commercial Maintenance Programs

Protecting Your Valuable Investment

Virtually everything requires some measure of maintenance if it is to provide satisfactory long-term performance. No one would expect a new automobile to provide satisfactory performance without regular maintenance. Planned maintenance of roofing is no different. And really, it’s probably even more important as it protects your entire home or business.

Roof systems, which today are expected to provide key thermal protection as well as waterproofing of the structure, have more than doubled as a percentage of the cost of building construction. Detection of potential problems before major damage has occurred keeps the cost of maintenance at a minimum and extends the useful life of the roof. Most manufacturer’s warranties are not valid without a professional maintenance program in place.

Preventative Maintenance

Ideally, preventive maintenance on roofing should begin when the roof system is new. If the implementation of a professional roof preventive maintenance program is delayed until the roof has been in service for several years, it may be necessary to develop a plan to bring the roof system back to a level of maintainability. A roof may appear in excellent condition on the surface but may have areas of undetected moisture penetration, which can severely affect the thermal efficiency and overall deterioration of the roof system. Proper management and yearly maintenance of your roof system can save you thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs.

Visual inspection by a Trained Professional is the key to a successful Roof Asset Management and Maintenance Program. Using a systemized inspection technique, each component of the roof system is investigated to determine its current condition and what maintenance may be required to assure its satisfactory performance through its design life.