Power Washing: Bring Back That New Look

Sometimes a roof doesn’t need replacement. Instead, it just needs a good cleaning, and it can look as good as new once again. Not only does this help with the aesthetics of your building, but it also keeps debris and junk from building up on the roof. Debris build up on the roof can lead to inadequate drainage and ponding. This can ruin the efficiency of the roof’s ability to keep water out of your building. Often, a simple power washing can get rid of this build up, and restore the roof’s ability to shed water and other environmental factors.

Plus, it brings back that newly installed look to your roof system, which is always a win.

Commercial Power Washing

Commercial power washing saves time and money. Maintenance budgets are reduced, infrastructure and equipment is restored to a clean, easily serviceable state, and things just look better. 

Additionally, commercial power washing can strip away old, damaged or failing coatings, paint, debris, and other junk from the surface of your structure. High pressure water can cut through steel and concrete like a hot knife through butter. This makes commercial power washing a sensible option for early steps of repair, refurbishment, and rehabilitation.

Residential Power Washing

Of course, it’s not just businesses and commercial buildings that could use a good power washing treatment. Sometimes environmental build-up and debris can be difficult to remove. That’s where Meyer comes in — we can remove years of funky algae, mold, crumbly old coatings, damaged concrete, and many other less desirable conditions.

One quick pass over by our high pressure power washing team, and your house, fence, driveway, or other asset can look like new again. Contact us today to get your place cleaned up. You’ll be amazed at the results.