Meyer RMI Coating System

Our superior liquid rubber coating system can seal and restore your existing roof system, saving you money!

We now offer a Lifetime Roof Guarantee — for the life of your building.

Download a complete architectural guide for the RMI Coating System in PDF format (11 mb).

How it Works:

In 3 simple steps, our coating products can make your roof system waterproof and light reflective. Without a doubt these features will save you time and money.


Using power brooms, washers, blowers and vacuums, we remove all dirt and debris from the surface.


We spray Garna-Flex®, a flexible, waterproof material, over the entire roof surface, sealing every crack and crevice against moisture.


Using rollers, we apply a metallic, flexible coat of Garna-Thane® over the Garna-Flex® layer to reflect the sun’s rays and improve energy efficiency.

Energy Savings

Reduce energy bills by up to 50%

According to the EPA, approximately $40 billion is spent annually in the U.S. to air condition buildings…using one-sixth of all electricity generated in the country each year. However, reflective Energy Star-labeled roof products can reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to cool these buildings by preventing the sun’s heat from entering the building, thereby reducing energy bills by up to 50%.


Reduce peak cooling demand by 10-15%

The Lawrence Berkeley “Heat lsland Project” studies have proven that a roof with a high solar absorptive surface (Black EPDM, Asphalt BUR, Modified Bitumen) exhibits temperatures 75°-100° F higher than ambient temperature, while a highly reflective roof is only 15°-25° F higher than ambient temperature which can also reduce peak cooling demand by 10 to 15 percent, enabling building owners to buy smaller, less expensive HVAC systems as well as reduce wear and tear on existing units by less use due to less demand. The extent of savings depends on a number of factors including climate, insulation levels and type.

RMI’s ‘high reflectivity’ product GARNA-THANE is ranked among the highest on the EPA/DOE Energy Star “Partner” list. Therefore, you can be assured of 3 things: 1) you will lower your energy bill; 2) you’ll actually be helping the environment; and 3) you’ll definitely be stopping leaks in your roof. That’s a hard combo to beat.